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Title: Caxton Club 100th

Caxton Club 100th

Caxton Club 100th


The Caxton Club 1895–1995: Celebrating a Century of the Book in Chicago by Frank Piehl | Bound by artist in 2015 | Collection of the Newberry Library, Chicago

Chicago: The Caxton Club, 1995.

Quarter vellum; boards covered in MacGregor handmade paper; rolled leather endbands; inkjet-printed map, pocket, and endsheets of Griffen Mill handmade paper; edges sprinkled with red acrylic.

10 x 7.25 x 1.25”

The Caxton Club, Chicago’s bibliophilic society, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1995 with publication of a history of the Club. This extra binding of The Caxton Club 1895–1995: Celebrating a Century of the Book in Chicago is done in the style of the Caxton Club’s first publication, Joutel's Journal of La Salle’s Last Voyage (1896), which included a map of the exploration of the Great Lakes and Mississipi River in a pocket attached to the rear board.

A pocket on the rear board of this new binding holds a map of downtown Chicago circa 1905 augmented with a key to points of interest regarding publishing and book collecting in Chicago, including early bookbinders and publishers, libraries and museums, and meeting places of the Caxton Club.

The map, Certain Localities Pertaining to the Caxton Club and Bibliophilia in Chicago 1895-2015 was made by the binder on the foundation of a map from the University of Chicago Library. The new map is an edition of ten, available separately, details here.