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Title: Song of Songs

Song of Songs

Song of Songs


The Song of Songs, which is Solomon's, illustrations by H. Granville Fell | bound by artist 2015 | private collection, Michigan

The text is a facsimile produced in 2009 by Richard C. Baker, St. Louis, MO.
The original was published by Chapman and Hall in London, 1897.

Full goatskin binding with laced-in boards. Onlays of goatskin and lacunose (Paul Delrue’s technique of sanded leather collage). Impression of onlays on edge-to-edge goatskin doublures offsets onto suede flyleaves. Hand-titling and tooling in blind and 23 kt gold foil. Hand-sewn, French-style silk endbands, top edge gilt. Prospectus for facsimile edition bound in rear.

9.75  x 8.5 x. 75”

Design inspired by various frames used in interior page layout. Tooled phrases also from the text.