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Title: My Antonia

My Antonia

My Antonia | bound by artist in 2006 | NFS

By Willa Cather, facsimile of first edition, The First Edition Library, 1996

Calf vellum over boards, sewn on vellum slips. Copper Japanese paper endsheets, silk sewn headbands, acrylic sponged edge. Inkjet printed illustration of Bluestem prairie grass in collaboration with Henry Maron.

7.5 x 5.25 x 1.5"

In the text, Cather frequently mentions the tall native prairie grass, sometimes through a veil of blinding sun or whirling snow.
"Everywhere, as far as the eye could reach, there was nothing but rough, shaggy, red grass, most of it as tall as I… And there was so much motion in it; the whole country seemed, somehow, to be running."