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Title: Happy Abstract

Happy Abstract

Happy Abstract

Happy Abstract by William Blake | Collection of University of Delaware

New York: Russell Maret, 2018.

Archival Sewn Boards Binding, developed by Gary Frost. Wrapper of laminated Nideggen paper, with additional folios of inserted into the text block. Sewn with Londonderry linen thread in beige to match. Selected phrases on wrapper are drawn from the text.

22 x 16 x 2.5 cm

An informal, semi-limp structure was chosen to bind this intimate letter. Cut-outs in blank folios inserted into the text block reveal key passages, abridging the flowery prose and clarifying the author’s message. A matching wrapper and complete lack of ornamentation save for a repetition of select phrases further focus the reader on the text. The integral wrapper consolidates the pages for comfortable hold-in-one-hand reading. Sewn with a stub into the rear of the binding, the other end is tucked into the front of the binding and can easily unfold to extend the wrapper for exhibit.