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Title: Biblio Tech Download

Biblio Tech Download

Biblio Tech Download

Biblio Tech: Reverse engineering historical and modern binding structures

Glenview, IL: Karen Hanmer Book Arts, 2013

Downloadable PDF formatted in signatures for binding.

Biblio Tech outlines key features of twelve book binding structures and provides numerous references for further study. The descriptions of each binding are enhanced with numerous illustrations. Bindings include tacketed, Ethiopian, medieval, leather fine binding, boarded, split board, simplified, German case, nonadhesive paper case, crossed structure, sewn boards and scaleboard.

This book was written to accompany a boxed set of structure models held by more than seventy five public and private collections.

Print double-sided at actual size (100%) on letter-size (8.5x11”) paper, landscape format. Forty-five pages, three sections: the first and second are four folios each, the third is five folios.

I bind mine as a German Stiffened Paper Binding.

Download PDF

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Also available print on demand at Lulu

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Biblio Tech will be offered as a live, online workshop this August. Details here: