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Title: Book Arts Structures

Book Arts Structures

Book Arts Structures

Book Arts Structures: A library of useful formats | Coming 2022

A boxed set of 10 book arts structures with manual including complete instructions for each. Most structures will have content so students can visualize their potential. The more complicated structures will be presented in cutaway, or the set will include both completed and partially-assembled versions.

Manual will also be available separately print-on-demand.

Preliminary Table of Contents:

Accordion-Based Structures

Basic accordion fold
Accordion with simple pop-ups
Tunnel book
Flag books


Basic pamphlet
Two-section pamphlet
Multi-section pamphlet sewn into accordion

Codex Format

Drum Leaf
Sewn Boards

Sculptural & Movable Formats

Triangle book
Jacob’s ladder
Flip book


Four flap enclosure
Notes on editioning