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Title: The Complete Angler 1

The Complete Angler 1

The Complete Angler 1

The Complete Angler by I. Walton and C. Cotton. | bound by artist in 2020 | collection of University of Nebraska at Omaha
London: J. F. Dove, 1825

Binding based on the non-adhesive “clip-on cover” structure developed by UK binder Kathy Abbott. Text block sewn long stitch into calf vellum wrapper, covered in limp lake trout parchment case, tabbed corners. Parchment processed by the binder. Title stamped in 23 kt gold foil onto lake trout parchment label. Parchment pieces joined with silk thread. Ruscombe Mill endpapers.

13 x 7.5 x 3 cm
5.25 x 3 x 1.25”

I channeled much of my COVID restlessness into fish shopping; processing fish parchment; searching for small, fish-themed antiquarian books; and exploring modest, conservation-friendly structures to wed these activities. Fish skins are very small compared to the goatskins binders typically work with. They must be pieced together to craft a full binding on even a very small book.